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Our micro sheds are the perfect shed for garbage, recycling and compost bins., garden tools, shovels, lawn mowers, bicycles, etc. when outdoor space is limited.

Designed to fit under your eaves and against a wall or fence a micro shed is great for a small backyard or tight spot.

Available in 3' and 4' depth X  6', 8'or 12' width.

Your choice of 56"/72"  double door, 28" - 36" wide single door, or even add a window to the front, end or door.


Micro Sheds can be purposed as an outhouse, used for a composting toilet, or go with one of our traditional outhouse structures, complete with bench and toilet seat.

Traditional outhouses available in 4'x4' or 4' x 5'.

Can be delivered fully built if area is accessible, site built by us, or as a pre-fab kit ready to assemble.

See our About section for materials used on main structure.

See our Options section for customizing your shed/bunkie.

Call us today to discuss your ideas and receive a written quote. John at 416-420-4570.


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