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At 14, our master builder learned how to build sheds from his father. Near 30 years later with a wife and 7 kids, he still loves to build and his love and family pride shows in the quality, design and structural integrity of each and every build. 


We're happy to help you with your ideas and designs, and where needed, based on the size of the structure or other municipal requirements in your area, we can provide drawings. It's Always  best to check with your local zoning and building department before designing and building especially as this is your responsibility as the property owner.

With Well Built, you can expect your structure to be built with premium quality stamped lumber, premium pine siding, cuts that are square and accurate,  joints to be tight, and all components: floor thru roof and hardware included.

Well Designed. Well planned.  Well built.

Common components of each standard building structure include:

  • Flooring: ¾” plywood over 2” x 6” spf joists supported by 2 to 4 pressure treated beams. 4 x 4's up to 12' lengths, pairs of 2 x 6's over 12' length.

  • Walls: ¾” thick t & g  pine #1&#2 siding over premium 2”x 4” spf wall construction spaced 24” on centre. On vinyl sided sheds, (customer supplies & installs siding),  this becomes 3/8” plywood on 2”x 4”' s @ 16” centres.

  • Roof: 2" x 4" engineered  truss – pre-assembled& spaced 24" on centre.-  2" x 6"/8"  in loft construction. Strapped using 1x4's & 29 gauge high tensile steel roof made right here in Canada. 

How do they come packaged? 

  • Buildings are available as DIY friendly pre-fab convenience kits  in all sizes. OR

  • WE can build it for your on site, OR

  • as fully assembled in shop in widths up to  8''. (Oversized possible but extra due to MTO regs.)

  • Please NOTE - Access to site and terrain is always a concern -  Let's chat your best solution..

Pre-Fab Convenience Kit - Pre-Fab Bunkie Kit - Pre-Fab Shed Kit

When we say convenience we do mean convenience.


Floors up to 8' wide are either fully built / pre-cut (your choice) - pre-cut is the way to go when weight is a concern, access to your property is limited, or for hauling over 8' width legally.

Walls are fully assembled, siding on, ready to stand up and receive the windows and doors.

Truss is pre-built and ready to be attached to the walls which are marked out.

All angle cuts on trim, fascia, soffit, and gable end siding are pre-cut.

Windows and doors are pre-built and ready to be hung - hardware included.

With all buildings the home/cottage owner will need to ensure compliance with all local bylaws, then prepare a level dry site. As your first layer we recommend pre-cast footing pads, sometimes called cottage pads, set on 6" of  3/4"compacted clear stone. Both are readily available at most local builders' supply.  Where needed for levelling, a combination of pressure treated shims and/or pier blocks may be required. Pier blocks, poured footing pad, and Sonatube, are also alternatives where needed or desired.

Fully Built

Fully built - well it’s just as it sounds. You prepare the site as indicated above and we deliver the building. Adequate accessibility on route and to the final site need to be verified. This  is the responsibility of the customer. Delivery of fully built can be challenging but doable. Let's talk.

We hope to hear from you soon – it would be great to work with you on your shed, bunkie, cabana, coach house, carriage house, pool house, change room, sauna,  she-shed, man-cave or whatever you envision to make your Shangri-La even more blissful. 

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