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A beautiful addition to any property, our hand crafted wood bunkies and cabins are designed to feel homey and welcoming. Your guests, kids and kids' friends will look forward to their stay in your new bunkie and you’ll love the extra space and lifestyle versatility it affords.  Early morning riser, night owl, rambunctious kids, teen terrors, or that friend that “saws logs” extra loud; now all can enjoy the cottage experience in their own way, on their own time and feel comfortable knowing they're not disturbing others.

Enjoy a morning coffee or an evening glass of wine on the porch. Tuck your new bunkie in the woods, facing the lake, or nestle it in the garden at home or perched on the hill top that captures that perfect view. Sunset or sunrise – it's all good.

In the Fall, your bunkie becomes a great secure place for overflow storage of water toys, dock and deck furniture garden tools and the like.

Classic & Rustic Bunkies are available in 8', 9' 10' and 12' widths and in lengths starting at 8' and increasing by 2' increments up to 24'.  Our most popular size is a  9' x 12' or 108 sq. ft as in many  jurisdictions this allows you to maximize your square footage without need of a permit.*

Loft Bunkies are available in 9' and 12' widths and in lengths starting at 10' and increasing by 2' increments up to 24'.

Call us today to discuss your ideas and receive a written quote.  John : 416-420-4570 or email

*Always check with your local municipal building office on building permit requirements and by-laws  as these vary by locality. Permits and by-law adherence are the responsibility of the homeowner.

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